Cap Malheureux

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The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Cap Malheureux village, is the red roofed church of Notre Dame Auxiliatrice. The church, the jetty with the white sand and the view of many Islets, altogether make this place very breathtaking. It's a popular tourist attraction. We will go around the beach starting from the jetty.

The island right in front is "Ile aux Serpents". If you have good eyes, you'll notice "Ile Ronde" next to it.

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Next time, I'll take a nice front picture of the church with the sea view at the back.

The day I was there, people were buying fresh fish on the roadside and they would bring it here to be cleaned up by this lady. She was very kind to let me take this shot. 

This fish is a Yellow-Edged Lyretail and its common name here is "Croissant Queue Jaune".
Some people got me really confused by saying this was a "Vieille Rouge".

 I have lots and lots of pictures of Coin de Mire Island but Flat Island (which is to the right) is more noticeeable in these. 
I got both in the same frame here.

Here we are facing the jetty with the church at the back. 
Wow! I love this place. I have no doubt that you have enjoyed this little tour. 
Stay tune for the next post

My Winter Wardrobe

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Hi! Winter is less harsh this year. It's mostly sunny here during the day. Mornings and evenings are colder. The weather is very unpredictable.
I did add some new pieces to my wardrobe these last months to cope with the changing climate. The first things that I got, were good quality tights from Woolworths. They were three for 400 MUR and I needed these for work. The rest of the items below were all bought form Jennyfer except for the teal and boho top.

The one trend I really wanted to try for this winter, is the choker top. Actually, I got this shirt during summer but the choker was a bit unbearable back then. The leopard face along with the choker looks very badass.

This second top is in teal and it’s slimmer with a small turtleneck. The collar have buttons at the back, it's like a choker. I've worn it once to work paired with light pink pants. Body and Soul had the same in black and red too but this color pairs perfectly with my burgundy blazer.


This is the most wintery clothing and the only knitted garment that I have. It has the cold shoulder details and the pink color was what really caught my eye at first. The length is a bit long. I really adore this cute sweater though it kinda looks like a dead squid on the hanger right now.


This jacket is one of my favorites. The military green color does match with almost all my tops. I like how the inside fabric is of a different color. Body and Soul too had a really pretty bomber jacket on sale but I don't think it would have matched most of my looks since it had colorful floral details on the front. 
This jacket and the leopard shirt above really pairs up nicely.

This gold pleated top is so pretty. I'm in love with it. I paired it once with off white pants, bright fuchsia lips, aqua earrings and pale blue heels with my hair down. I loved this outfit. 
If you're looking for something new to add into your winter wardrobe, a metallic top or skirt would be awesome.

The last item is a cozy boho top that I just got from Islandhaze. I like how the neckline details goes down the top and the tassels make everything perfect. The sleeves do not go all the way down to the wrists.

As for pants, I haven't got anything new this winter. Mostly because I have some already.

This post was fun. In the next one, I'll be taking you exactly to the North of Mauritius. It's always hotter in the northern part of the island. The weather there really suits me. Maybe I should move there from the Central Plateau. Haha...not gonna happen! 

The choker Top...Small Turtleneck...Knitted Sweater...The Bomber Jacket...
Metallic Gold...Boho Top
Which One Is Your Favorite?

Pointe Aux Roches → St Felix → La Prairie

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The meteorological service predicted high waves in the South of the island on Eid. The perfect day for salty hair and sandy toes. My first destination was Gris-Gris. It's the best spot to enjoy big waves. I secretly wished to see whales too but didn't.
My next stop was Pointe aux Roches. What a heavenly beach! It's a breathtaking place. One minute the sea would be calm and the next, big waves would be submerging the shore. This scared me a little bit. Despite the warning of staying out of water, some people were swimming. 
Going South West, the next beach is St Felix. I collected some seashells while walking on the beach. I have a little deco idea in mind which I'm going to share on the blog later. The river mouth was clean on that day. There were no leaves or other natural debris in it. One thing that I really admire at St Felix beach are the big "Badamier" trees. They are splendid. 
Of course, I also stopped at Riviere Des Gallets. I wouldn't skip this place on a day like that. The waves were more intense there. The air had a strong smell of saltwater. Needless to say, the spray of saltwater from the waves were constant. Then I took the road leading to Maconde and I had to stop at Bel Ombre to take a picture of a pretty array of coconut trees. I've taken this road numerous times but never captured this picturesque road before. I didn't get out of the car at Maconde and La Prairie beach was my last stop. I wish I took some pictures there but I believe I was way too hungry and had some "roti" on the roadside. Thank goodness there is a small food stall at this beach. 
I like to share these amazing pictures and living on such a beautiful Island. 
Leave a comment if you enjoyed this post.

Pointe Aux Roches
Pointe Aux Roches
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Pointe Aux Roches
pretty patterns in the sand left by the waves @ Pointe Aux Roches
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Pointe Aux Roches
River Mouth at St Felix

River Mouth at St Felix
                      via GIPHY

Badamier Tree at St Felix

St Felix

Bel Ombre Road

The view leaving Maconde Rock
                      via GIPHY

La Prairie with a view of Maconde
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My Top 5 Favorite Lipsticks from Maybelline

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Hi my lovely readers! It's time for a beauty post. Today I have a review on five different Maybelline lipsticks. Five shades that I love as they suit me. Have I ever mentioned before that my lip color really depends on my mood! My outfit too...but mostly on my mood.
Here are the names of the five stars of this post:
1. Iced Caramel 625
2. Vivid Rose 904
3. Touch of Spice 660
4. Siren in scarlet 965
5. Red Sunset 960

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick
625 Iced Caramel

This shade is perfect for work. It's a nude color with a little hint of pink. SO PRETTY! It goes on smoothly on the lips and has the right amount of glossy texture. I like the moisturizing formula as my lips get dry during winter. It definitely needs reapplication after eating. This lipstick is so lightweight that I completely forget I'm wearing it. You will love this one, I swear!

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick
 904 Vivid Rose

Vivid Rose is a fun fuchsia shade. This one too goes on smoothly on my lips and is moisturizing. Bright colors like this aren't nice when they wipe off easily or doesn't last long. So when I use this shade I apply it twice. I blot off the excess on a tissue after the first application then re-apply it. I've noticed it last longer this way. This color is a favorite of mine. It's perfect for a day or night look.

Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick
 660 Touch of Spice

Touch of Spice is a strictly winter shade for me. It's a matte lipstick which comes off less easily. I wouldn't wear this one if my lips were too dry. My lips need a little prep before applying any matte color. I always scrub my lips with my toothbrush then moisturize it and let is sit at least one hour before application. This color will spice up your winter look.

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick
 965 Siren in Scarlet

Oh, I love this red lipstick. I always prep my lips before applying this one too. This color is simply gorgeous, it's my favorite matte red lipstick.

Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipstick 
960 Red Sunset

This shade screams summer!!!
Red Sunset is perfect for day time. It's a bright pink with a neon undertone, very unique and fun. I didn't really like the texture of this one though, it doesn't go on smoothly on the lips.

The swatches are in the same order as in the list above.

I just realized the mole on my upper lip is barely noticeable with Touch of Spice on. 
Well this post is over! Let me know which color you liked the most! What are your current favorite lipstick shades? Comment down below, I would love to know your thoughts and you can also leave some post suggestions. 
And hey it's already winter and the sun was bright today. Haha! These are things you only say when you live on a tropical island. 

The weather will be harsher next month though. I might have some winter trends up on the blog. 

Butte à L'herbe → Poudre D'or → Poste Lafayette

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Set your clock to beach time!
Today is the 2nd year anniversary of the blog and some vitamin sea is essential on this occasion.
Let me take you to three different mesmerizing beaches in the North East, Butte à L'herbe, Poudre D'or & Poste Lafayette.

The view at Butte à L'herbe is always captivating. I have beautiful pictures of Coin de Mire Island from this beach. It's not the first time that I'm sharing them. The trees are close to the water at this place, so you can relax under the shade and listen to the waves crashing near you.
It's the beach to escape to if you're fed up of crowded locations like Flic en Flac.

Butte à L'herbe beach with a view of Coin De Mire Island

Butte à L'herbe

Butte à L'herbe

We're further down East now, at Poudre D'Or village. I briefly stopped at a coastal public park and admired the view for some while. The big tree right before the jetty, is magnificent, along with the blue sky. 
Again, this place too wasn't crowded. It seemed to me only locals were there.
Poudre D'or

Poudre D'or

Poudre D'or


Poudre D'or
Our last stop is at Post Lafayette public beach. This beach is rocky and the shade is quite far from the shore. Also these are not calm waters. I've been there only on sunny days but I guess it offers a totally different view on stormy weathers.
The blazing sun really shows up in the last picture.

Poste Lafayette

The Red Fody
Poste Lafayette

Poste Lafayette

Poste Lafayette

Poste Lafayette

Poste Lafayette

Poste Lafayette
Let me know which of these places you liked the most and which beach you'd love to escape to right now.